Social Media Marketing

We can offer a range of different social media marketing tools including:

  • Consultancy
  • Research and Insight
  • Engagement
  • Account Management
  • Remarketing
  • Advertising
  • Reporting and Monitoring

Smtrek work with you to develop an overall social media strategy to provide a bespoke solution for your business. We work with a variety of different companies from small brands and start-ups to larger brands.

Along with ensuring consistent brand messaging, cross-platform promotion and maximum consumer participation, we look beyond total fan and follower numbers to create a ‘true audience’ of actual individuals actively interacting with a brand, rather than a perceived audience.

Social Media

Smtrek can help you build upon your social media strategy from understanding your audience to engaging with them better. Social media is about listening to your customers, building relationships and creating awareness.

We communicate your key messages to your audience from promotions and competitions to general comments and responses to conversations within your social sphere. Not only does this allow for social interaction but also presents a promotional platform similar to search. Social media is a highly effective tool when you take the time and attention the platform needs in order to profile and segment your audience and engage with these individuals or communities.

Social Media Promotion

Our content writers produce the content for many different types of websites.
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We Can make you on the top we have the full experience.

What is Social Media?

Social media is about sharing content and building relationships to re-inforce your brand, services or products within your network.

Your Social Media Audience

Your audience consists of the people or companies you are connected to through social media channels. Blue Frontier builds your audience through related communities, competitors' followers, social groups and involvement in related questions and answers.

This strategy generates a network of interested people, which will gain more exposure and interaction for your business .

  • Facebook – Re-purpose content across other social platforms, optimize for search engines and people, paid promotions, campaigns.
  • Twitter – Set up and/or optimize your business account, sync with other platforms, post to account.
  • Google+ – Set up and/or optimize your business account, sync with other platforms including YouTube, post to account.
  • YouTube – Build account, sync with other platforms, optimize for SEO.
  • TripAdvisor – Create and/or optimize your business account for search engines and people.
  • Yelp – Set up business pages, optimize for SEO.
  • Instagram – Set up business accounts and grow followers.
  • Pinterest – Create business accounts and sync with other social platforms.
  • Blogging – Social media optimization for blog content.
  • LinkedIn – Develop business pages and grow connections.

Your social media strategy

We manage your social media marketing to save you and the business valuable time. We will design and implement a tailored strategy to meet your business requirements and objectives. Using our knowledge and expertise, we make optimum use of the broad range of social media platforms available.

Social Media has rapidly transformed the way in which customers interact with suppliers and vice versa. It is now possible to reach a specific market online, promote relevant content to that market and engage directly on a regular basis. It has become an important tool in building successful digital marketing strategies, allowing you to listen to what your existing and potential clients are saying and giving you the chance to respond quickly. By doing this you build closer relationships and gain trust.

Integrating a social media strategy into digital marketing can be highly effective, and the benefits should not be overlooked. If you or your business has achieved something you feel is worth sharing then social media is a great way to get that message out. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all about discovering and sharing interesting content – and it only takes a client or friend of your business to like, comment or share your content for it to become visible to a much larger and often new audience.

No better time to start than today

Social Media should be a part of any business’ digital strategy. Even if you are not ready to start today, it is essential that you have your social media channels set up. With every day that passes, you could be losing potential followers who are interested in your services.